Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Good vs. Best

We can fill our plates so quickly.

Church, school, dance, music, sports,

We struggle to keep up with it all and try to squeeze in a 10 minute devotional "for busy moms" if we can avoid hitting the snooze button.

We tread water and barely keep our heads afloat then lament the fatigue and dissatisfaction all this busyness brings.


Who are we trying to please?

Is this really what mothering is all about?

I would like to stand on the nearest soapbox and shout a resounding "NO!"

Sisters, we were made for better than this.  YOU were made for better!  We were not meant to go, go, go and burn the candle at both ends with no time for rest, no time for still, no time for tarrying over the word of God or sitting next to our husband with our head on his shoulder.  We have bought a lie, and it is costing our families greatly.  In slowing down, in shutting the door to too much too fast too soon, we create pockets of quiet where God can speak.

Because, if you remember, His voice is a low whisper.  (1 Kings 9:12)

I know, because I have seen it for myself.  In the past three years, the Lord has slowed us down.  Way down.  We still have busy hours...homeschooling fills our mornings and the various extracurricular activities of five children keeps our evenings full as well.  But He has blessed our family with stretches of quiet amidst busy days, with the realization that though many things appear good on the surface, many of those things are not as good as nothing.

Nothin...being everything.

Everything...being Jesus.

I want to challenge you as we begin 2013.  Instead of making a list of all the things you are going to do this year, why don't we resolve to not do it all?  Because, sisters, we can't do it all.  And we certainly must not place that burden upon our children.

Slow down.  Read the Bible with and to your children.  Play.  Look them in the eyes and hear them.  Pray with and for your babies.  Turn off the TV (or computer...or smartphone) and hunker down as a family, exploring the life that awaits in the Word of God.  Ask hard questions and have high expectations of what your children can understand.

It is obvious that, in this society, slowing down is weird.  But it is so healthy for our souls.

Mommies, pull the weeds in your garden.  Keep only what is best.  Leave room for roots to grow and your little ones to thrive.  Don't be afraid of "boredom," for boredom often breeds creativity...maybe even revelation!
Love your husband.  Submit to him.  Let Him lead if he is willing...for that is what he was created to do.  If he is not...pray for God to raise him up and be prepared to step back at a moment's notice.  Stop trying to do it all and just do what God asks you to do.  Say "yes" to the Lord and "not now" to the things that try to pull your focus off the Lover of your Soul.

Ok.  I'm done.  Stepping of the soapbox now.  :)

Happy New Year!  May we breathe in a fresh revelation of all we have in Him, and of who we are in Jesus!

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