Tuesday, July 30, 2013

1 Down, 179 to Go!

It was a little crazy in a calm sort of way.  Five kids gathered in the family room to read from the book of Luke, talk about how Jesus hung out with the tax collectors and sinners and why, and then begin our first read-aloud of the school year.  Legos clinked (loudly) and I read (more loudly) about Aiden and the Feechifolk.  Good stuff.

Then upstairs we went.  I took a deep breath as I looked around the room and it hit me.
I have five kids all doing at least four subjects this year.
Holy moly.  Deep breath, mama.  You can do this.  Well, actually you and Jesus.

Let's do this thing.

I got the oldest three settled with work that didn't require my constant attention then sat down with the first graders who were literally jumping in their chairs with anticipation.  "We're just so ess-I-ted, Mom!" gushed Drew.  He and Mari happily reviewed their phongram flashcards and then we dove into their math lesson. I've never seen them write their names so neatly!  Cute, cute, cute.

After they finished their core work, I gave them puzzles to keep them busy and turned my attention to the older kids.  Twenty minutes into third grade, Gracie declared, "Third grade is awesome!"  Science, History, Math, etc, new curriculum for some of these that will take getting used to by all of us.  It will be a few days before we really find our rhythm.  Today was long because it was all so new.  Transitions were not smooth, as they never are at the beginning.  I fumbled through folders and searched for that Teacher Guide that I just knew was right. there.  Where the heck did it go?  Finally I found it and was able to ask Katie the discussion questions over her summer reading.  The three youngest learned about bats in their first science lesson.  Boy, do they ever love bats now!  I think science will be a big hit for them this year.  DJ prepared for his tutorial that begins next week, Katie dove into Photosynthesis and we somehow talked about Cheops and the Great Pyramids late in the afternoon.

We did it.  We got through it all with only a couple of attitude adjustments and I even ate lunch at some point! We did it.  It is going to be an intense year, but when I get the two first graders reading well the intensity will lighten somewhat.  They are ripe for the pickin', so pumped about learning to read "all by themselves!"  It is going to be a wonderful, busy, full, year.  I am excited!

And I am tired.

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