Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Recipe! Smashed Cheesy Taters

I love potatoes.  LOVE them.  And these?  Well, make them for yourself and you will see why I am sharing this recipe.

A few months ago there was a recipe on Pinterest for potatoes that were baked, smashed, and covered in cheese.  I have no idea who posted it but, inspired by the idea, I came up with my own super-simple version.  I made it last night for the first time.  My children and hubs rose up and called me blessed, so I made it again tonight!   Here ya' go!

You will need: 
Two packages of fingerling potatoes.  I used these:

Boil them in a big pot of water until they are soft, then drain them.
Line a cookie sheet with foil and coat with oil.  
Dump the taters onto the oiled sheet and arrange them evenly on the foil.  Then take a fork and, using the backside, (this is the fun part!) start smashing!

Next, sprinkle them with your favorite seasoned salt.  I love Lawry's...takes me back to the days of my mama's cooking.
Now melt 1 stick of butter and drizzle over the potatoes.  Hungry yet?  Just wait!

Now get some shredded cheese, whatever floats your boat, and cover those babies good.  I used two cups of cheese.  Yum.

Now pop them into your preheated 425 degree oven and bake for 10 minutes or until cheese is melted and there is much sizzling going on.  

Sweet cheesy goodness!  Now be nice and share with your family.  They will love you for it even if, like my Gracie, they slather them in ketchup!

You're welcome:)

Oh, and if you have time and/or want a little more gourmet flavor you can top the taters with roasted garlic, onion, bacon (!) and fresh herbs before covering them with the cheese.

Bon appetit!

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