Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 2, mucho betta.

As I had hoped, today went much more smoothly!  It was still long, but not nearly as long as yesterday. There is just a lot of work to get done, but it was fun and attitudes were great so that makes a huge difference!

One thing I have already noticed is how much more calm things seem.  You would think everyone being together all the time would be chaotic, but it's not.  Of course, I have prayerfully worked very hard to organize our school room and our daily schedule to make things as predictable as possible.  But it is the fact that the kids have a purpose for their time, not just running wild in the neighborhood or screaming in fake pain from the backyard because they got their feelings hurt.  (Not that mine ever do that.  Ahem.)  I am all about letting kids get good and bored, but there is a limit.  If the boredom is not fostering creativity, then it is time to be productive.  After two months of summer break, it was definitely time.

So they settled into their work easily today, big kids transitioning more smoothly from one task to another and littles rocking the phonics flashcards and math pages.  The three youngest were finished by noon, the older ones by 2:45.  Not bad for the second day!  We had lunch outside on the deck and even skipped out to buy flowers for a friend who is recovering from surgery...and I got a Diet Coke from Sonic so, really, that has put me in a happy place.  (I know they are bad for you.  I don't care anymore.) 

So, 2 days down...178 to go.  I'm feeling good about this year.  It looks like it may turn out to be our most productive one so far!  

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