Friday, March 8, 2013

Care Free

She happily meanders down the curving sidewalk, excited to be given the responsibility.
She feels tall. I can tell by the way she carries herself.  Head up, arms swinging in rhythm to the song in her head, socked feet padding carefully to avoid the fallen acorns.

The mailbox door is opened and she gasps at the pile awaiting.  It is more than her little hands can carry so just-barely-bigger brother eagerly rushes to help.  Papers and envelopes dangle precariously and she exclaims "Mama, look at this white one!" because there is a package there and it is just so exciting she can hardly wait to see what has arrived for Mama and Daddy.

Carefree.  Today the smile comes easy and a bounce is in her step and my heart warms.  These are sweet days and I am grateful.

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