Saturday, March 23, 2013

Done and Done

After four days of intense basketball, our boys finished fourth in the nation.

Not too shabby, eh?

This week has been a blast. I have seen my son play at a level that amazed me. He busted moves on that court that had strangers commenting on "that little point guard."

Yep, he's little...but so is Mugsy Bogues:)

And I can say, because I contributed nothing genetically to his ball-handling awesomeness, that I am completely unbiased.


Tonight, after all the games are played and awards received, the teams will converge on a local arcade/pizza joint and party like it's 1999 until 1am! Daddy has requested I accompany the big kids to this soirée as he has to drive the 10 hour joyride through middle-of-nowhere America tomorrow. Alrighty then. But understand I will be consuming copious amount of coffee in the if I haven't already. But I digress.

Four days of ball. 4 games of screaming and fist pumping. (But never at the Referees...ok, maybe once). Five days of swimming and kids eating on the bed. This mama is TIRED. So are these kids.

But I would not trade the experience we had this week for the world. I also wouldn't complain if this tournament got shifted to, y'know, FLORIDA!

I'm just saying.

Because it snowed four inches, people, with more to come, on SPRING BREAK.

For. The. Love.


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