Monday, March 11, 2013


Three nights in a cabin with 6 moms and 13 girls resulted in utter and complete exhaustion. Let me tell you, those cloggers know how to party!

The weekend was full to the brim with sweetness...from the precious young man with Down Syndrome dancing happily with his cheese grater and hugging his mama after every song to the man with cerebral palsy whose feet moved like lightning as he stole the stage to the song "God is not dead," worshipping with all of his might.
There were the couples who had obviously danced together for years and the old man in the crisp white shirt who knew every move to every single song. They never seemed to get tired.

Me? I learned more steps then I realized even existed and even got chills once when our group came together to dance and this girl, this 40 year old mama who has never been exactly coordinated, was keeping up. I loved every single exhausting minute.
And I have the sore muscles to prove it!

My sweet Katie danced so well and it made my heart happy to watch her be to be silly, free to be the life of the party and laugh big until the wee hours of the morning, and free to come home and crash.

Yes, friends, girlfriend slept 15 solid hours last night.


Like I said...these cloggers know how to party!

I can hardly wait til next year;)

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