Friday, June 21, 2013

Holding Up

Before Katie left for camp, we had to give her a "camp 'do" that would get her through the month with little maintenance.  She usually keeps it in a ponytail, but that would not work for camp because she has extremely thick and tight curls that she cannot comb through on her own...and a terribly tender head.

Oh, the irony.

So we decided to cornrow her hair into pigtails that could easily transition to a pony tail.  She HATES having her hair braided, but she knew it was the best decision.  It took me about three hours to braid her and she sat like a champ.

This was our final result...

Now last year, as the month progressed, I KNEW the day my girl swam without her swim cap.  Those braids that had been so tight and neat suddenly began to fall apart after the first week and I was all "NOOOOOO" because I KNEW...

those tangles and knots would not be combed out for two. more. weeks.

It was gonna be ugly.

Fast forward two weeks.  Combing out a tenderheaded girl who is tired, emotional, and missing camp?

Yep, it was U.G.L.Y.

I asked her WHY she didn't wear her cap and she said, "because my counselor said I didn't need it, that I might lose it so I should just not worry about it."

All I could do was sigh.

So this year we practiced.  
"What do you say if they tell you not to wear a swim cap?"

"That I need to wear it to protect my braids."

"YES!  Don't forget!  Do not let them talk you out of it!  And if braids start coming loose find a black girl and ask her to fix it."

I'm not kidding, people, this is a big deal.

So this year, upon her arrival in Cabin G, I pulled her cute-as-a-button counselor aside and just let her know that miss Katie needs her swim cap AND, if a braid starts to unravel just braid it back.  No big deal.  Katie didn't know I had this convo and I walked away feeling more hopeful that her homecoming would not include a painful detangling session.

Every day, I watch the photos.  
I look through hundred of them for a glimpse of my beautiful girl.  
I look for a smile, a window into her days, signs of new friendships,

and braids.  

I cross my fingers and hold my breath when I see a closeup and so far, y'all, the braids look AWESOME!  One week to go and she has transitioned from pigtail to ponytail and those cornrows are neat and clean!  Woot!  If you are a mama of a curly girl I KNOW you understand!  She has successfully maintained the camp 'do and I am so stinking happy!  

5 more days til my chickie is back in my nest!  

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  1. I think your hands must be agile to do those lovely rows. I love how you share your heart getting braided up with her hair.


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