Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I got my first "I'm a little homesick" letter today.  It was written Sunday afternoon.  My heart hurt, knowing my girl wrote this three days ago and she just had to get through it on her own.
Of course, she is  not on her own, because I have prayed all month for God to reveal Himself to her in a fresh and tangible way.  And if you are a Christian, you probably know that He most often and successfully uses suffering to bring us to the Throne.  So reading the letter was bittersweet.

It is hard to sit back and let God be the God of our children, isn't it?

As a mom, I work very hard to steer my children, to "train them up in the way they should go," so that they will grow up knowing what living for Jesus looks like.  But there comes a point where I have to sit back and trust Him with THEM and let. me. tell. you...

It is not easy.

So here I am today, reading and rereading her letter.  Since Sunday, I have seen many photos of her smiling and laughing and obviously having the time of her life so I'm not worried.  I just pray He met her there, in that lonely place.  I pray she felt His arms tighten protectively around her as she cried.  And I pray she feels Him now, in her joy, as the last week of camp unfolds and she prepares to come home.  Reentry can be tough after a month of heaven-on-earth.  But I can hardly wait to love her back into my nest.

Seven more days.  This time next week she will be sitting next to me in the car, talking my ear off.

I am so ready.

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