Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Bride

My three youngest and I were driving down the road, on our way to some Tex-Mex awesomeness (Chuy's, y'all!  Can I get a witness?)

So as we drove my sweet Drew, age 6, piped up with another out-of-left-field question.

"Mom, this might be inappropriate to ask about."

"Mmmhmm?"  I stifled a laugh.  I imagined we were about to head into a discussion of armpit hair or private parts...or kissing.  (You can tell he has older sibs.)

So he continued...
"Is it true that we are married to Jesus?"

I smiled in relief out of pride.  "Yes, it is!  If you love Jesus, then you are part of the Church.  And the Bible says the Church is His bride!"

Three sets of eyes stared at me in confusion.

"You know how, when a couple gets married, the bride hides behind the door while the groom stands at the front of the church and waits for her?  That is how it is with us!  We are His bride and we are hiding here on the Earth, waiting until it is time for the ceremony!  Then, when it is time, He will fling open the heavens and we will meet Him for a beautiful wedding and celebrate with a FEAST!"

The girls sighed, envisioning the romance of it all.  Drew's wheels were turning, though.  I could see it written all over his face.

"So, when you married Dad did you hide behind a door?"

"I sure did!"

"And, Mom, I bet when he saw you coming he said 'Now THAT is one BEAUTIFUL woman!"

I.  Love.  My.  Life.

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