Thursday, June 6, 2013

Love is tough.

The absolute hardest part of parenting, at least for me, is letting God be God.
When my children hurt, I want to fix it.

But God, He is in the refining business.  

He has walked me through many fires and, though my flesh would choose to spare my children pain, I am at the point of having to trust Him as my children suffer through trials of their own.  I am learning hard truths, learning that when we dedicated them to The Lord He took that seriously.  

They are His.
I cannot rescue them.
I should not rescue them.

I can only love them, stand with them, and get down on my knees for them.
When tears trickle down their beautiful faces, I can kiss their wet cheeks.
When sobs stick in their throats, I can gather them into my arms and hold them close.
When the innocence of childhood is stripped away and they realize the world is fallen, I can point them to Jesus..who will make all things new.

Parenting in these years is a dying to self that I did not know was possible.  It hurts.  But I know my God understands my pain because He watched His Son suffer and, though He could have stopped it with a Word, He did not.

I must trust Him to refine my children, to make them as pure as gold.  I must step aside and let Him do what He does best, instead of fighting tooth and nail to prevent what I know will result in spiritual maturity and depth of heart in these children He had entrusted to me.  Ease will never result in strength.  Smooth waters will never build their faith.  

Yes, Lord, I trust you with my babies.  I do.  Just help me to turn their sweet faces upward when they weep, and protect them when they are weak that they may remember who they are and Whose they are.  

And thank you for always, ALWAYS being true to your Word. 

Thank you for holding them securely in the palm of your hand.

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