Saturday, June 8, 2013

Stalker Mom

One week down, and I miss my girl so hard!  But I am extremely thankful for the pictures that are posted by the camp each night.  They are my daily lifeline to glimpse into the camp life she is getting to enjoy right now.

The camp photographer does an AMAZING job of capturing the days.  She takes between 200 and 250 photos and posts them online the next day where mamas like me can peruse the sea of faces and look for our girls...a hand, a familiar shirt, the back of her head in a crowd and, occasionally, a full and beautiful closeup of her joy-filled face.

Joy.  Yes, that is why I let her do this.  Camp is joy for her, and I would not deny her that for the world.

Today the photos were of the sock hop.  Girls crowded on the gym floor dressed in rolled up jeans, bandanas, and poodle skirts.  I smiled when I saw her in that poodle skirt we thought we would NEVER find.  We almost forgot she needed it and ordered it just 3 weeks before camp, hoping the size was true and that it wouldn't look, you know, little girlish.

But it is satin with a black poodle prancing.  She wore it with a white t-shirt and blue bandanna but her best accessory was that smile, that beautiful smile topped with the sparkle in her eyes.

She is having the time of her life.  And I love that so much.  I love that she gets to live this and be shaped by such a wonderful experience.  I'm so thankful we can do this for her, even though I may need bifocals soon from peering closely at over 200 photos each night for a glimpse of her left eye.

2 1/2 weeks to go.  18 days.  As much as I want time to fly on my end, I know she is hoping for the opposite!

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  1. I often think what an amazing day in age we live in that we can see photos so quickly. I know the squint feeling as I looked through hundreds of photos last year for our three campers. Wishing you a speedy 17 days now!


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