Thursday, November 10, 2011

30 days of 10

Day 10...I am thankful for afternoon quiet.  I am not one who needs lots of "alone time"...which is a good thing!  I just need a few minutes to catch my sit in quiet and kick off my shoes and let my mind drift just a little.  Just a few minutes.  Right now my kids are playing contentedly outside on this sunny, chilly day.  Our Ethiopian guests are resting and I am upstairs alone.  Just for a few minutes.  It is almost time to pick up Katie from swim practice, and then the busyness of dinnertime, baths, and bedtime will begin.  Tomorrow morning will begin early as our friends pack up to go to their next bless another church full of souls with their sweet worship and joyful spirits.  We will miss these girls, yes we will.

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