Tuesday, November 8, 2011

30 days of thankful...day 7 and 8

My home is filled today with sweet African accents and Amharic conversation once again, and my heart is burdened to pray for these precious girls who long for a forever family.  T and M have stolen Katie's heart and she is begging for "just two more sisters"...ahem.  T is convinced that Katie is Ethiopian...and it didn't help that Katie showed T her Ethiopian dresses and money!  They came downstairs holding hands within 5 minutes and my heart just sang with joy.  Mari showed them her photo album from Ethiopia and what fun it was for them to realize the people and places they have in common!  T and M were so surprised to see photos of their nannies in our home and exclaimed in delight at the pictures of Yonas, Dawit, Robel, and Eyob...our precious friends and brothers in Ethiopia who serve the adoptive families of America World.

So on day 7 (which was yesterday, I know!) I am thankful for my home with plenty of room for a visitor or ten and the blessing of a large table at which to share a meal with friends.

On day 8 I am thankful for the happy mess that is Autumn.  Piles of leaves and ten arms and legs sticking out of them in all directions...such wonderful kid happiness.  I cannot wait to introduce our sweet Ethiopian visitors to these big leaf piles and fun tomorrow!

ETA:  As we walked into our church to pick up our new friends, Mari took my hand and asked if these kids have a family.  "No,"  I said, "they don't yet.  But we are going to pray for God to give them a Mommy and Daddy."  
She didn't miss a beat...and said, "They can share our Mommy and Daddy."
Out of the mouths of babes, I tell you.  She remembers waiting.  She remembers...and she knows what it is like to long, to wonder, to hope.  I have to believe that the prayers of my daughter are soaring to the heavens, straight to the ears of God, powered with faith that moves mountains.  Oh, my heart.

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