Thursday, November 17, 2011

30 days of 16 & 17

It seems I am on a "every other day" kinda roll, doesn't it!  Well here I go with more gratitudinous (is that a word?  probably not) posting.  :)

#16  I am thankful for coffee.
Ok, ok, you KNEW it had to be on this list, right?  I mean the whole URL for this blog is coffee-dependent, as is it's writer!
Starbucks, JustLove (My the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe), mochas, lattes, cream and's all good.  Fresh ground, french pressed...ah, now that is the way to start a morning!
But why?  For me, it is the routine...the sitting down in the quiet of morning with steaming cup o' joe in one had and my Bible and pen in the other.  A sip and a sigh in the middle of Isaiah and my morning is just right.

#17  I am thankful for the fireplace in my kitchen.
It is just now getting fired up (pardon the pun!) regularly and takes the nip off the cold floor when I stumble in before the aforementioned coffee.  The best part?  It is remote controlled.  I am not kidding.  Press a button and "poof" it is on.  No ashes, no mess, and we can save the wood for the outdoor marshmallow roasts that make Fall worth living.  I love to cuddle up under a blanket with a kid or five and watch the flames dance.  Maybe even read a good book if I'm lucky!  Coming in from outside, little hands run straight to it's warmth and pause, waiting for the chill to subside.  Wet boots and socks hang over the screen, dripping as they warm up.  The heat travels up the stairs, making the 2nd floor toasty warm...and little kids in their beds a bit sweaty.      We eat and play and relax by it's warmth, and I am thankful for those peaceful moments that a fireplace in my kitchen creates.

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  1. it's been nice reading about your gratitudeness...the word works for me....AMy McK


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