Saturday, November 19, 2011

30 days of thankful...days 18 & 19

#18...I am thankful for my girls' curls.
Oh, the fun of fixing and caring for hair that is everything mine is not!  Braids, beads, twists, and 'fros...ponytails and dog-ears, cornrows and conditioner...lots and lots of conditioner.  :)  I love the beauty of their hair...all three heads so unique in texture, color, and curl pattern.  Sometimes they struggle, they resist the combing and wish for thin and straight hair that hangs down.  But I don't.  I pray, as they grow, that they will see themselves as God sees them:  Beautiful young ladies of color with glorious hair meticulously created by their Father.

#19...I am thankful the look on Gracie's face today as we took down the Fall decorations and began to transform our house for Christmas.  She is my artistic one and I can let her have free reign with a handful of knickknacks and the child will create an incredibly beautiful arrangement!  Plus, in her excitement, she put on her Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker CD and plied around the house in happiness.  :)
Yes, I am a week early and totally breaking personal tradition.  But we had nothing going on today, which NEVER happens in this family, so I figured I should take advantage of the downtime and pull the boxes out of the attic!  The tree is not up...yet.  But the garlands are on the banisters and the boxes are sorted, poised and ready to make magic.  I love Christmas...

But I love Thanksgiving as well, so I am trying to pace myself!

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