Monday, September 17, 2012

He loves us so

The rain is falling steady as I gaze out the window.  Our school room surrounds me, empty, and I steal this moments to breathe.
A busy day paused, children happily doing what happy children do when outdoors is soaked and the TV is off.  They get creative.  DJ is drawing another of his original cartoons.  Gracie just asked for a pair of scissors because she wants to make a snowflake.  Katie is snapping pictures and the littles are playing quietly upstairs.
Maybe a little too quietly.

The rain drips from the leaves of the willow that towers above the neighbor's roof.  Skies heavy feel calm in their burden.  Days like this beckon me to stop and just be.  They are my favorite kind of day.

Oh, we still have much to do.  By no means has our day's work come to an end..  We still have ballet, clogging, basketball, and an errand or two plus the preparation of dinner to come in the next few hours.  But right now, I am just enjoying the rain.

Right now, I choose to sit in silence and watch the puddles ripple as the drops dance for joy.  I take in the colors just beginning to turn Autumn, enhanced by the washing of the storm.  Huge rocks that linger at the surface, keeping grass at bay, are glistening clean now and I notice the vine has grown back at the base of that big tree.  The kids love to pull off those vines and use them in their adventures.  I'm glad they regrow so quickly.

I wish my kids didn't grow so quickly.

Drew steps into the room with a strawberry milk box, straw dangling for the corner of his beautiful lips and grins.

"Mom, we're having some fun."

Ah yes, I am thankful for this pause.

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