Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Little trials

Gracie's baby teeth came out and her big girl teeth came in.  Apparently, despite the volume of conversation she produces, her mouth is small.  Those sweet teeth came in all wonky.
Then, it appears, her tongue developed the bad habit of pushing against her front teeth when she swallows which has just made matters worse.  So, today, the orthodontist put the equivalent of a teeny easter basket made of metal behind those front teeth to teach her tongue to go where it is supposed to, which means my 7 year old chatter box has to learn to talk all over again.  She is not happy.
Now, she has been very brave...no tears, no complaints really.  But I can see that, after her first day of fighting this appliance, she is drained.
And she just wants to be near mama.
I'm ok with the latter.

As I type she is snoozing on the floor next to our bed because she is feeling a bit insecure and just needs to be near us.  Such a small trial in the grand scheme of life, but to her this is huge.  So I tucked her in atop a pile of blankets and we prayed.  We asked the Father to give her strength, to bring her tongue into submission to stop fighting the appliance, to help her lean on Him and for the soreness to subside.  I asked Jesus to use this to make her more like him and I love how she smiled so big at that.

We thanked Him...for teeth with no cavities, that her body is healthy, for the fact that this will accomplish it's purpose and she will be able to talk like she wants and that her Orthodontist is able to do what is needed to make her beautiful teeth straight.  We thanked Him and she brightened and now she is relaxed and snoring softly in her purple blanket with her Lambie held close.

Little trials...little opportunities to trust.  Yes, Lord, thank you.

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