Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Southern-bound travelers

"Mama, quick!  Come listen outside!"

Katie ran into the kitchen, breathless, as we cleaned up after lunch and prepared to finish the school day.  She had just stepped out to check the mail and was mesmerized by hundreds of birds, chirping happily in our trees.

"It sounds like a whole bunch of babies just hatched!"

We all stood just outside the front door that was left ajar.  "It looks like it is a flock heading south,"  I said.  "Maybe they have come from Canada and they stopped for a rest in our trees!"

"Canada!"  How exotic and far that sounds when you are a child!

We listened in awe as the birds filled the air with the happiest of songs.  We listened and I smiled at the joy on their faces.  Oh, how Creation woos our hearts.  It thrills me to see my childrens' faces frozen in wonder, smiles half-complete as they stare at the beauty scattered across branches and just-turning leaves.  Beauty placed there, at that moment, because their Heavenly Father knew they would see and He just wanted to love on them.

On us.

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