Thursday, September 20, 2012

You're doing WHAT?

So my friend, Mama Z, has been on me for months to "just try it, it's fun!"  

Try what, you ask?

Try this...

Those, my internerds, are clogging shoes.  At the ripe old age of 40 I have just completed my second clogging lesson alongside my sweet Katie.  At age 11, she is way better than I am.  But BOY am I having fun!

We have learned "Old Time Rock and Roll" and are working on "Rockin' Robin" and our shoes arrived today, making the practicing so much more fun!  She is both appalled and impressed that I am doing this with her.  I am just trying not to picture my awkward posture and go with it.   After all, there are about 5 other moms from my church who have joined in so it has also become social hour!

Now, you will not...repeat...NOT see me in any short, ruffled skirts.  I do have my dignity.   But darn if it is not just a blast to hear all those feet tapping on beat and conquer the grapevine and the brush-up and the turkey!

My husband just shakes his head and laughs.  "It's like old-people dancing," he chuckles.

Mm hmm, maybe so.  But there are apparently a bunch of us old people and, besides that, it is good cardio!

Keep calm and clog on.

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