Monday, May 13, 2013

Never Give Up

This little one who struggled so...
Struggled to love, to trust, to attach.
This little one wrote a letter to me on Mother's Day.  A letter I will forever treasure.

In her broken Kindergarten spelling she said this.

Translated for me with a slight African accent and eyes glimmering with hope she said this:

Dear Mom,
Happy Mothers Day.  I love you so much and you never gave up loving me and I will happily love God.  God never gives up keeping His promises.

Read that again, will you?

She said this


This child who pushed away the love that she so desperately needed, she knows I never gave up.  This child who tried everything to make me leave, to make me give up, to prove her darkest fears of abandonment  true...

She said this.

Adoption is hope.
Adoption is redemption.
Adoption is humbling and healing for us, and for our children.

Adoption means, by the grace and in the strength of God, you never give up.

I love that little girl.  Every day, bit by bit the love grows.  When I see her laugh out of the fullness of a sincere heart, it grows.  When I walk in on her sleeping peacefully, tenderly and protectively cradling her tiger, it grows.  When she relaxes at last in my arms and I feel her melt into me, it grows.  Attachment has been a long time coming, but it has come and continues to strengthen.  When she walks into the room smiling and I feel my heart bloom, I praise God.  Mercy, sweet mercy falls from the hand of Abba in the form of a smile and a gaze held.  Yes, Lord, you are the Healer of hearts and the mender of brokenness and I praise you that she knows you always keep your promises.

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