Monday, May 20, 2013


Sweet girl has a strong stubborn streak which pays off dearly when channeled into a worthy endeavor.

Take losing the training wheels, for instance.  Spring arrived and the kids broke out the bikes.  Her tricycle had seen better days with a broken pedal and loose handlebar.  She eyed her brother's too-small-for-him Lightning McQueen bike and climbed on.  She was quickly frustrated when she realized she didn't know how to balance it.  I gently reminded her that she knows how to balance on her scooter and this is very similar.  I helped her by holding the back of her seat as she pedaled slowly, nervously.  After a few minutes she stopped and I encouraged her to keep trying.  I promised her that she would figure it out soon.

Boy, was I right about that one!  Later that evening she managed to pedal about 20 feet without falling!  We all clapped and cheered for her, amazed that she had accomplished that much in just a couple of hours!  The next day...

Girlfriend was cruisin' like she'd been biking for months.  Now that's a girl who knows the meaning of perseverance!

Tonight we walked down the street for a graduation party.  The kids decided to ride their bikes and I marveled at this little one who rode confidently in front of me, pausing every so often to wait for mommy to catch up.

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