Monday, May 13, 2013


Blessings come in many ways.  Sometimes obvious, often subtle, like a love note tucked away and waiting to be discovered.
On a long walk I found them, just outside my neighborhood.  Every day I pass them going 45 mph, but I missed them in the hurry.
On a long walk, I slowed to see and He spoke love to my heart.

Thistles stood tall along the concrete, framed by fields of green.

That farm with the bright red barn.  Country on the edge of the city, quietly defying urban sprawl.

And the field of daisies dancing below blue sky.  They are my favorite.
They waved in the breeze and I dared to trespass on the edge of private property for the chance to be surrounded.

Joy.  Sweet joy simply from slowing down and going for a long walk.  My heart filled and song erupting with the birds as they sang glory.  The heavens declaring and my spirit agreeing, dancing with the Lover of my Soul.

It is good to slow, it is good to savor the beauty just outside my door.  It is needful to listen to His voice on the wind, whispering love to my heart, pleasure in the fact that I am His and He is mine.
It is good to stare at a field of daisies and be undone.

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