Thursday, February 23, 2012

Crafty Me

Less time on the computer has left more time for things that enrich my soul.
Writing for I imagine you have noticed by the sudden daily posts.

I also had time to do a bit of crafting with my big girl.  Something I haven't done in a LONG time.  
I broke out this...
my old faithful glue gun.  
TWENTY years old, to be exact!

I purchased two grapevine wreaths at Hobby Lobby for $2.50 apiece, and an armload of faux flowers.  
Have I mentioned that my initial plan was to purchase premade wreaths?  At least, until I saw the price tag...$99 EACH.  I nearly choked.  But instead I got creative, and this is the result. 

 I made both wreaths for less than $40...that is $20 EACH...a savings of $160!  

After hanging my handiwork, I strolled around my yard and admired the daffodils...blooming a month early.

 It was 75 degrees today...crazy warm for this time of year.  
It won't be that warm tomorrow, though, so we spent the whole afternoon outside.  
My kids need a bath.  My camera was happy.
  Do you see the cross in the picture above?  If you go to your local Hobby Lobby or you can join the movement to help bring focus back onto the true meaning of Easter. 
We can remind our friends and neighbors of a very important fact.  Easter is fun, bunnies and eggs are cute, but without the Resurrection, there is no life.    
You are supposed to place the cross, plain side facing the street, until Easter.  But on Easter morning, we will all turn that cross around and let the message be proclaimed boldly...
"He is risen!  It is finished!"


After my creative juices were satisfied, I went back into the craft room where Katie sat.  She was finishing up her second pair of flip-flops that she had decided to make for her little sisters.  I love her generous heart.

 She is a textbook example of a child whose love language is the giving and receiving of gifts.  The expression on her face as she worked was beautiful.  Peaceful.

After all of our creativity, all that was left on my craft table was this...
It was a good day.  A productive day.  I am so thankful for the blessing of these long hours with my children.


  1. Those wreaths are just beautiful! Feeling inspired all of a sudden; might just have to make a trip to Hobby Lobby! My little girl would love to make the flip flops!

  2. Love your double doors and the double prettiness you made. The embellished flip flops are great idea too.

  3. Beautiful crafts!

    I was led to your blog because we are beginning our Ethiopian adoption this spring. SO excited!

    Blessings to you and your family,



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