Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Halted by grace...

Our school days sometimes get interrupted.
Not by visitors or ringing phones,
not by barking dogs or illness,
though those things do often interrupt.

Sometimes, though, our days get interrupted by grace.

So I changed from plan A to plan "let's listen to what God wants to say to us today" and we sat in a heap of arms and legs and blankets and prayed, a morning prayer from this faithful friend, and we read...
and read...
and read.

Psalm 93 became a sweet assignment.  Let's copy it.  Who can finish neat and first?

And they did.

Gracie looked at her completed work and smiled.
"Read it to me?"  I requested.
And she did.

My daughter, the first one taught to read by her mother, read the Word of God with just a few needed hints.
She smiled.
I held back a tear as I said to my proud girl...
"You can read the Bible.  Gracie, do you know that there are millions and millions of grownups all over the world who can't do what you just did because they don't know how to read?  You are seven years old and you can read the Bible!"

She grinned as the wheels turned in her pretty little head.
"Mommy, I think I am going to find a comfy spot and read it some more."

A few minutes later, naptime was upon us...or at least it was upon Mari and Drew.  I sent them upstairs to prepare.  I gave them ample time then followed them up to be sure they were ready to be tucked in.  I was walking briskly, thinking of all I needed to do as soon as they were asleep.  I rounded the corner and had my mouth open to speak when I was stopped in my tracks.

Halted by grace.

For there they sat...on Mari's bed.  Their backs were to me so they had no idea I was watching them.  Gracie had her Bible open on her knees, with her right arm around her little sister.  Drew was leaning against Mari, leaning in close so he could see for himself.  Gracie was reading Psalm 93 to her siblings, intently, intentionally, lovingly with her pigtails bouncing and joy on her face.

I held my breath and Katie came...
she saw what I saw and she stopped.  She leaned into me as I leaned into the doorframe and took in the holy sight.

I took a mental snapshot and vowed to never, ever take this moment for granted.

Now she sits in the kitchen, reading 1 Thessalonians because she can.  I am overcome.


  1. love that God intervenes in your lessons. what a proud moment to have your young reader reading the best book of all.

  2. Beautiful beyond beautiful! And I'm sooo grateful for this season of your life. Some homeschool only during a transitional season. Some, the elementary years. Some, all the way through. Whatever your season, you would have missed THIS, had it not been. Praising God for richly blessing this time together with your children at home; time to nurture their hearts and encourage them in faith. And in turn, I see you being encouraged too. God is GOOD!

  3. Awe, that made me cry. Such sweet kiddos. And I love that we have time to spend and take these moments with them. I am sure I do the best homeschool moments accidentally!


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