Friday, February 17, 2012


It's funny, in a way, how things change as we age.  I spent my teen years obliviously filling my head with your typical 80's top 40 hits.  You know what I mean...Lonely Like the Wolf, Open Arms,  I Love Rock and Roll, and The Tide is High to name just a few.
Then my 20's came and a bit of maturity...mostly because Jesus took hold of me and showed me music (among many other things!) that filled my soul and still made me want to get my groove on.  (DC Talk anyone?)  Not that I didn't still enjoy a good top 40 hit or great hip-hop groove, but I think I was becoming more selective.
Enter my 30's.  I was a grownup, I had kids, and I love to dance with those kids!  So my pursuit of mommish-coolness took me into the realm of Toby Mac and the with a capital F and great messages to boot.
Now I am nearing...
How do I say this delicately?
Now the next decade of my life is quickly approaching.

And I find my tastes mellowing more...I find my heart seeking quiet in ways it has not in the past.  The Lord has given me a desire for long moments of basking in His presence, thinking of Him and pondering Him and longing for Him in ways that often take me by surprise.  Music that has existed and even been in my home (thanks to my dear husband and his apparently more mature taste in music...except for his KISS collection...but I digress) has surfaced and oh, how I appreciate the songwriting and the truth put to music in ways I never have before.  Maybe it is because parenting has entered a new phase (pre-teen to be exact...Lord, be near!) or because our marriage is becoming rich in years, but I find that after dancing around the kitchen to Lecrae, Shonlock, or even to my great chagrin   to my daughter's delight   against my will  Justin Bieber or the "clean" versions of whatever is the latest hip-hop hit (Yes, that would be the new phase of parenting I mentioned) I need music that is quiet, introspective and even...
here we go...

My kids are appalled.
My husband loves it.
My soul is nurtured.

Andrew Peterson, Jason Gray, Fernando Ortega, and others like them (Andrew Peterson is my favorite, hands-down.  The man can weave a story and make me want to fall to my knees in awe of my Creator-God like no one else) truly change the atmosphere of my home when their music is drifting freely through my kitchen.
Isaiah 30:15...In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength.

This verse has taken on rich meaning of late.  So many things have come together, homeschooling being a very large part of it, that allow me...allow take those holy breaks and rest, be quiet, be still.

Whether it is music or books, I find I feel Him more in the busyness when I have given him my times of quiet.  I am less likely to feel distance in chaos when my day has started in order.  

It is incredible, really.  And I could easily lament that it took me so long to realize how precious meditation and quiet are as a discipline, but I choose to be thankful to realize it now.  And I hope to help my children see the value while they are young so they can have that security, that sacred pause to their day, that reminds them that He is, indeed, always near.


  1. Allie,
    I'm laughing as I read your post because you are so gracious about saying what I love to shout (smiling) I'M GETTING OLD and I love it. Lately I tell people I want to be old when I grow up. I encourage you to age gracefully, loudly, fearlessly. At 48, I've never had more fun and felt more fully realized. Life is too short for fear...and we were not created with that spirit, so chuck it!
    Thank you for your encouraging feedback today, I am a new fan and a new follower of your blog. I look forward to reading you and getting to know you better.
    Peace and good,

  2. Chelle,
    Thank you! I think I am enjoying this year and the new decade that is coming more than I thought I would. I have not dealt with fear this least not like I did at 30. I lost a friend last year at 40 to cancer, and it changed my perspective. Now, I say I GET to turn 40...I GET to grow older and have more time here with my babies. I GET to learn more about God and be refined and prepared for Heaven and hopefully bring many along with me. :) I am really so thankful.
    I am excited to get to know you better as well! What a fun circle this blog world is!


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