Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sweet Games

She can't say her "R's".


She talks a  mile a minute, talking to her Daddy as he joins her, her little sister, and little brother in a game of Pentago.

Pentago is a two-player game.

Her Daddy has that special tone in his voice.  The one he reserves for his littlest ones.  The kind depth that comes when they make his heart soft.

It makes my heart soft.

They ditch the two-player game that doesn't work so well with four and change course, to the checkers game from Cracker Barrel.

Apparently the girls don't realize it is also a two-player game, but Drew does.  He grabs a football and he tosses it to his Daddy while the girls "play" checkers.

The girls make me laugh.  The blind leading the blind.

Drew pants with exertion as he throws the football, "forty one!  He's comin' to the end zone!  forty one!  And then he WON...jumped on the couch and touchdown!  Yeah!"

I restrain myself from worrying about the lamp.  The game will be over quickly and that is why I buy cheap lamps, anyway.

We are about to settle down and read our Lenten devotional any minute.  My heart sings with gratitude at the happy voices filling my home tonight.  


  1. thanks for the peek into your living room. I heard the giggles. They flowed delightfully into prayers, like water over stones...
    peace and good to one and all.

  2. OH how wonderful! Family games are the best. The love in your family shines so bright. That is a beautiful thing.


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