Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Somehow we seem to have skipped Winter.

I am holding my breath because the "official" ok-to-plant-gardens date is April 15 in our neck of the woods, so I know things could turn and get cold...even frozen...overnight.

But here we are at the end of February and it was 72 degrees.


We all got ready for the school day and I took a look outside.

Oh my word was it ever sunny and beautiful!

So I did what any sane woman with five active children would do...

"Y'all want to go to the river and look for critters?"

"YEAH!!!"  came the resounding answer.

We gathered paper bags, jars, and a fish net and headed out.  Five excited kids happy to be walking away from math books and going down to explore Creation.

What better way to learn than to BE?  Right there, where all of creation sings praise to Him?  The river waters rushed happily as the children hunted for shells and leaves.

They bent low to examine the world along the river's edge.  They climbed branches, arching over the water, daring the branch to bend and dip their feet in the gently gurgling current below...and exclaiming in mock horror when they did just that.

Interesting rocks beckoned and a water spider danced across the surface of a puddle which held a handful of minnows, ripe for the catching.

DJ crouched and waited until he nabbed one in his net.

Oh, the boyish boost hunting and gathering brings!  He suddenly grew a foot, walking tall and proud to show off his catch.  He put it in a jar half-full of murky water and admired it for an hour.  The little ones ran ahead, stopping when confronted with a bright dandelion or tiny purple wildflower.
Drew discovered an earthworm and wound it all through his meaty little fingers in delight.
Mari exclaimed over every single discovery, delighting even in the trash that was trapped in the brush.  (I had to explain the difference!)
Gracie picked wildflowers and gathered colorful shells, excited to have dandelions to feed her guinea pig.  Katie chattered as only a 10 year old can and playfully helped the younger ones find treasures.  She soon charged ahead to read the historical monuments along the path, marveling that battles once took place under her feet and imagining what it would have been like to see the Union coming over that hill...

Oh yes, this is my favorite part of homeschooling.
The spontaneity, the realization that learning occurs in the most surprising places, and the chance to watch my children run, together, down a path lined with wild daffodils and dappled sunshine.

I watched with misty eyes as my children delighted in the smallest details of Creation.  They laughed and loved and gasped and played and got utterly and completely filthy.  They skipped with arms entwined and played hide and seek as I watched, determining to stop time right now and just be all here.  I closed my eyes for a  moment and lifted my face. He is so gracious to call us to this life.  That He would give me these moments, these long days of watching them grow and learn...
Their laughter is my reward.  
Their curiosity is my teacher.  
Their sense of awe and wonder is sweet worship.  

 For these gifts, Lord, I praise you.  


  1. What an absolutely delightful and fun day! Thanks so much for sharing it with us (and for linking up on Loving Our Children)!!

  2. How beautiful! Love "Their sense of awe and wonder is sweet worship". It's difficult NOT to thank God in those instances!

  3. Kate, I had already written the post when I came across your blog. I couldn't resist joining in...it was too perfect of a match! Thanks for visiting :)


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