Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Priorities, and the lack thereof.

Yesterday I came down with what I now think was a case of food poisoning.  (We had been out of town over the weekend and I had eaten something different than the others...it's the only explanation)
Oh.  My.

I was talking with my sweet Sister-in-law when, suddenly, I had to get off the phone and pronto.

It was not pretty.

After the worst was over, I managed to crawl into my bed and call for Katie and DJ...because dinner was in the oven.

Now, let me give you a wee bit of history...my sweet DJ is the lover of all things electronic.  I will not be surprised if the boy grows up to work for Apple.  Keeping his eyes off a screen and on good books are high priorities throughout my day.

So they come into my room, shocked to see a pale and clammy mom in the place of the healthy one that was chatting on the phone in the kitchen just 20 minutes earlier.  I told them what happened and explained how they needed to check dinner to see if it was done...stir the potatoes and make sure they were soft, check the cornbread and take it out when the top looks brown, etc. because I obviously did not need to be cooking, much less SERVING food with what had just happened.  I was praying with all of my might that it was not a virus that was about to sweep through my entire family.

Oh please, God, no.

I asked if they understood what they needed to do.

DJ looks up from his I-touch and asks "Ok, but can you put in your password first so I can update this app?"

I sat up despite my lurching insides and said "Are you kidding me?"

He suddenly snapped into attention and said..."Oh...no, sorry."

Can I update this app?


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  1. Just think of it as he has the gift of multi tasking and time management, he was going to be letting that ap update while he finished dinner for his sweet mother.... Or something like that....


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